November 29, 2023
Prafull Billore

MBA Chai Wala(Prafull Billore) Story, Biography, Age, Net Worth & More

At the age of 20, after failing the CAT, GMAT Praful travelled to India, staying in big cities such as Bangalore and Mumbai.

He inspired by wealthy Americans, he thought he worked at McDonald’s and, 50 days later, opened his tea shop, which he ran a few hours a night after his shift at McDonald’s.

Prafull Billore realized his ambition of becoming a “big businessman” in 2017 when he founded MBA Chai Wala. Although he didn’t particularly like tea, he still managed to build a profitable business over Rs 4 million.

In general, Praful is not a foodie and doesn’t like to cook, but he has managed to build a multi-million dollar business selling chai (tea) all over India. He dropped out MBA almost halfway through his studies and decided to open his Chai stand on his SG His Highway in Ahmedabad.

Prafull Billore’s Net Worth in 2022 has over USD 3 Million or over 22 Million in Indian Currency.

NamePrafull Billore
Famous AsMBA Chai Wala
Age (as of 2022)26 years
Date of Birth14-Jan-96
Place of BirthDhar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
HometownDhar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
ProfessionEntrepreneur, YouTuber
Father’s NameSohan Billore
Mother’s NameNot mentioned
SiblingsVivek Billore (Younger brother)
Marital StatusUnmarried

MBA Chai Wala Biography:

Prafull Billore

A young Indian businessman and YouTuber Prafull Billore has started his own tea distribution company. Its goal is to sell primarily across India.

He was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and now lives and works in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Mr. Prafull Billore Ahmedabad Chai Wala is the full name of his YouTube channel called MBA Chai Wala.

In 2022, MBA Chai Wala is 26 years old and MBA Chai Wala’s birthday is January 14, 1996. Capricorn is his zodiac sign. he comes from a hindu family

He grew up in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, India. Prafull Billore weighs around 63 kg and his height is 5 feet 10 inches.

Like most Indians, he has dark hair and dark brown eyes. The MBA Chai Wala family has not been properly mentioned and properly disclosed in its details.

Prafull Billore is currently single. MBA Chai Wala’s net worth is estimated at Rs 30 million.

MBA Chai Wala’s Net Worth:

MBA Chai Wala’s Net Worth in 2022 was over US$3 million or over 22 million in Indian currency. MBA Chai Wala is a rapidly expanding food company in India, known for its delicious chai. Prafull Billore has inspired millions of aspiring Indian students and entrepreneurs on YouTube and other online media channels.

Prafull Billore established his own MBA Chai Wala Academy and introduced its own entrepreneurship development course.

Prafull Billore Net Worth Over the Last 5 Years, 2018 Net Worth $1 Million, 2019 Net Worth $1.5 Million, 2020 Net Worth $2 Million, 2021 Net Worth $2.6 Million, 2022 Net Worth $3 million, we can also see that MBA Chai Wala’s net worth has increased by about $500 over the past five years and is increasing every year.

MBA Chai Wala’s Career:

Prafull Billore first got a job at McDonald’s. Prafull Billore previously ran McDonald’s but resigned because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life working for someone else.

Prafull Billore then decided to start several small businesses, including a fast food restaurant, but later abandoned this idea as he planned to start a business that would integrate all of India.

At that time Prafull Billore thought that all of India enjoyed his tea. Billore later decided, inspired by his father, to start small and work as a merchant selling tea on the streets.

He needed 15,000 rupees for this, so from his father he borrowed 8,000 rupees. With this money he bought all the equipment, fixtures and carts and started a roadside teahouse company.

Prafull Billore had very little sales on the first day, but the next day they pitched to prospective customers in English. Initially, Billore marketing plan was to give away free tissues, rusks, and business cards with words of encouragement.

Prafull borrowed 50,000 rupees from his parents and invested the money in the business, pretending to need funding for an online language course.

Prafull Billore

Prafull had no interest in continuing his studies, preferring to concentrate on formulating corporate strategy, so he dropped out of college on the seventh day. To enhance marketing, Prafull decided to offer special items to individuals and potential customers.

Prafull Billore began promoting the franchise within a few years. Currently, MBA Chai Wala has 100-120 team members and is available in over 50 cities. The crew also takes orders for events such as weddings, birthdays and celebrity appearances at multiple locations.

His income from sponsorships and YouTube combined is more than 3 lakhs rupees. his annual income is over 3 crores and his monthly salary is over 25 lakhs.

MBA Chai Wala Assets:

Prafull Billore has only asset is his business. Along with his net worth which is more than 3 crore, he is the CEO of MBA Chai Wala, which has 11 franchises across different cities.

Being a well-known businessman, Prafull Billore is well-known for having the support of numerous companies such as Hirect, JUMP.TRADE, etc.

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